Eating your vegetables* has never been this fun!


In Carrot on a Stick, you'll tie one on (a carrot, that is)

(on your head!) and chase your carroty dreams through

a land of adventure. Find cool power-ups, collect

treasure, and travel through portals to explore vibrant

new levels in this exciting endless runner.


Jump on enemies! Unlock chests! Dash and dodge your

way to the Scoreboard!


Guaranteed wholesome, 100% all-natural, organic fun**

Coming to Android and iOS devices mid-2021!


> 10% of all game proceeds will benefit

> Action Against Hungerhelping get real nutrition

> to people in need.

And there's even more to look forward to in Carrot on a Stick:

  • Choose from diverse, stylish character looks

  • Distract yourself with goofy and absurd in-game dialogue

  • Hoard gold like a dragon

  • Listen to satisfying sound effects that make your brain give you the happy chemical

  • Hold innocent carrots captive at the ends of sticks

  • Quickly learn easy controls

  • High in both Alpha and Beta-Carotene, as well as Vitamin K and B6!**


*Eating not included

**Virtual carrots have no nutritional value and contain no matter, organic or otherwise. Go eat some real ones! They’re good for you!

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